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In the early days of IBO Handel & Industri A/S the company was specialized in design and supply of steel construction buildings.
Through competitive prices, punctual deliveries, fast and thorough handling of order and high quality the company became successful and with supply the main product of patented thin-plate lattice truss, which was bolted together at the nodes the company was recognized as a leading designer and supplier of low weight and flexible steel constructions.

Throughout the years IBO has expanded the product range. The company is today an active participant in projects ranging from simple steel constructions to more complex steel-, aluminum- and glass façade buildings.

More recently, IBO has become more active in “supply only” of building materials. Through the experience generated through it’s projects the company now has a large supply base for various products for the building industry.

IBO has proudly delivered projects through the years in Denmark and various export markets. Today, IBO projects can also be found in different countries such as Germany, Norway, Iceland, Iraq and the Dutch Antilles Islands.
IBO handel og industri a/s
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